Bunny Pick Up + Transport

We welcome anyone to pick up their bunny at our home in Dunlap, IL. Additionally, the following is a list of trusted transport providers that we've worked with. This list is updated frequently and we welcome your feedback when using these transporters.

Rabbit Transporters

Specific rabbit ground transport is typically not done in one day. In fact, some rabbit transporters are on a run for two weeks at a time. A run is what they call their mapped trip. Bunnies are kept in their carriers the entire time and checked on at each stop. Cages are cleaned once a day and they are fed their pellets we send daily, watered often, and given hay during the entire trip. We have never lost one of our bunnies on a ground transport trip and we are very selective on who we will use for this service.

We use rabbit transporters monthly. Rabbit transporters do not typically charge by the mile but rather a flat rate per size of carrier. Rabbit transporters call their carriers “holes”. Right now they charge anywhere from $75 – $120 per rabbit. You meet them at their scheduled stop and cannot be late. They set their run stops according to their customers needs and it cannot be changed. Times are set for meeting customers before the run begins and they cannot wait if you are running late. Their meeting stops are normally located right off of a major highway or interstate at gas stations or stores like Tractor Supply. They can run any hour of the day and delays are to be expected due to inclement weather and/or traffic. However, they keep their customers informed at all times of their eta.

Our favorite rabbit transporters that we use monthly when available are listed above.

We know of a few other transporters but until we use them, we cannot recommend them yet. Have a transport recommendation? Contact us here.

Raisin Trails Transport, MI

Contact: Heidi Bengelink

Bunny Butt Rabbitry/Transport of KS

Contact: Norman Henry Philipp

Olaf’s Polar Express LLC of SC

Contact: Cheyenne Autumn Blount

Hippity Hop Express Transport of NH

Contact: Susan Stockton

Wild Hops Transport of MI

Contact: Haili Hancock

Haulin Tail Transport of MS

Contact: Evan Nicholas Daniel

K+D Farm Transport in AR

Contact: Kevin Suel

Happy Hoppers Transport of AZ & MT

Contact: Kristi Herbig


Currently, there are very few airlines that ship live animals. We have shipped cargo in the past without any problems. It has always been quick and safe when we shipped cargo in the past. However, shipping rabbits is a risk no matter how you transport them. They can and will stress out over just about anything. We do guarantee our rabbits for 7 days after they arrive home. This is a transition period in which you must keep in touch with updates on their behavior and eating habits. During the time on the airplane, we cannot guarantee them because there is no one to keep in touch with us to guide them on how to handle a situation. This is not to say we will not ship via air. This is to warn you that our guarantee will not begin until you have received your bunny.

Next topic is the cost involved in shipping a rabbit with the airlines. There are different fees and they are all the responsibility of the buyer. We are currently located in central Illinois and we are not near a large enough airport that we can do a quick drop off. Therefore, we will charge a transport fee to the airport. This airport would be Chicago O’Hare most likely but the second option is St. Louis Lambert. Additional fees will be the veterinarian health certificate which is normally under $50 per bunny. The airline approved rabbit transport carrier and airline tickets are to be determined at the time of the sale. These costs can change as could our vet fee. We charge actual fees and our transport fee will vary depending on the price of gasoline at the time of the sale. A rough estimate is going to be around $600. Please reach out to us if you are interested in purchasing a bunny and have a serious request for shipping via air. The plus side to shipping via air is that it will be a same day pick up.

Fly in Cabin with you

We also welcome anyone to fly into Peoria IL airport and we will meet you with your bunny to ride home with you in the cabin. The flight arrangements will be your responsibility. You will also have the responsibility of paying for the health certificate in which we will get for you from our vet. We do sell airline approved travel carriers for your bunny to fly home in also.


Pet Ground Transport - door to door by the mile

Another kind of ground transporter is one that is not specifically for rabbits. They typically carry dogs and cats and their rates are charged by the mile. The latest quote I received was around .65 cents per mile but they are all different. This will cost quite a bit more than a rabbit transporter but less than the airlines most of the time. Their costs will depend on your location. Because we also raise Maine Coon cats and Toy Poodles, we do use this type of ground transporter and have a few that we have used and trust. We have even had them pick up and deliver on the same day when not too far away. Occasionally, there are some ground transporters that can work with rabbit breeders on lower flat rates if it fits into their map of their trip. Don’t rule out a ground transporter without checking in with them.


Shipping World Wide

No matter what your location is, as long as it is legal (there are some flight embargos in some countries), we can ship our bunnies all over the world to most destinations. We have bunnies in several countries outside of the United States now and they have all made it home safely. We will help you in every step of getting your bunny home to you. The only thing that will hold one back would be price. The cost of transport can be pricey so please understand before reaching out to us for more info. We will be happy to help get you set up with one of our known and trusted transporters or book a flight!


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