100% Raw Chocolate English Angora Fiber



1 oz.

Humanely harvested off our sweet girl Hershey Kisses.

Prime, top, clean, chocolate English Angora fiber/wool sold by the ounce (several available). Humanely harvested off our sweet girl Hershey Kisses. She gets a hair cut every three months. Video of a couple clippings from this harvest is posted here. We begin by blowing out her coat, then brushing before each clip. Nothing off the brush goes into the harvest (that is waste). You get straight prime in this order. Staple length varies but nothing under 3”. The beautiful fiber can be blended or spun straight out of the package. We layer each piece all in one direction and wrap nicely in our custom tissue paper. Mailed off in a poly bag, sealed and waterproof, there will be no damage or felting by the time it reaches you.

We raise only one breed of rabbits and hours of devotion, TLC, and effort goes into every ounce of this fiber. Our bunnies are spoiled and very much loved. They deserve the best because they work hard to produce the best 🥰


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