Color: Blue

Gender: Buck (male)

DOB: 04/28/2023

Ready: 06/23/2023


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Mom: MoMo, Lilac Otter doe
Dad: Louie, Pointed White buck

This bunny has been reduced for Nichole with the 4H discount.

Cuddles is a self blue buck. He is solid blue, no vienna (blue eye gene) in his line. He could very well be show quality and is a sweet guy too! I love his wool and his personality. Blue angora wool is lovely for spinning and makes a beautiful yarn if you are a fiber artist or would like to learn how to spin! It is something I love doing but do not ever find enough hours in the day to do so. The last litter from MoMo and Louis had a gorgeous blue buck just like Cuddles and I still hear how awesome he is! This guy is stunning! If you are a breeder, there is a chance that he will carry the otter gene. If you are looking for beautiful fiber to collect every few months, he is absolutely your guy! It doesn’t end there though. He has his mom’s personality. Oh my goodness!!!! She is a love bug!!! Our sale will go on for the summer only.

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