English Angora Raw Prime Fiber



1 oz.

Humanely harvested off our lynx girl, Lorelei.

This is for 1 ounce of raw English Angoras top prime fiber from our lynx girl Lorelei. The color lynx is the agouti of lilac (dilute of chocolate). It has rings of tan and cream shading and is gorgeous. This harvest was anywhere from 4-7 inches in length. Only 1 ounce left in this color but we have many other colors available as well.

Just to be clear, our fiber is as clean as I can get it. Nothing off the brush ever goes into what we sell if it’s on the brush, it goes in the trash! This is prime top quality fiber in pristine condition.

Our rabbits are kept on a very strict grooming schedule to assure beautiful fiber as clean as possible. We harvest (gently and humanely) every three to four months typically.


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