Color: Split Face Magpie

Gender: Doe (female)

DOB: 05/02/2023

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Mom: Penguin, Black Magpie doe
Dad: TaterTot, Black Magpie buck 

Flora is a  black magpie doe. She is a gorgeous split faced baby girl. Magpies are one of our most expensive patterns and split face is the most eye catching magpie. Take this opportunity to make her yours while our sale is still going, Flora is quite the catch! She is an awesome bunny and would be a perfect addition to any magpie breeding program or you can just picture how much fun it would be to have her at the end of a leash on a harness and going with you to the kids baseball games and letting her be the mascot. Most people have no idea what an english angora is…they will have a time trying to figure out what a puppy dog bunny rabbit is! Regardless, this girl is a wonderful representation of a magpie pattern in the English Angora breed. She is crazy funny and friendly too!

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