Color: Ermine

Gender: Buck (male)

DOB: 05/02/2023

Ready: 07/20/2023


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Mom: Penguin, magpie doe
Dad: TaterTot, magpie buck

Jet is an ermine buck. Jett has beautiful markings/color for an ermine. His tail, nose and ears are all shaded and he is adorable! He will be a great fiber or pet bunny for someone who is looking for a white bunny. Jett has a very calm personality and could even be a therapy pet. Ermine is not a showable color in English Angoras but it is a great color for a fiber artist or a breeder who needs a non extension gene for their harlequin program. Ermine is essentially the same as a white chinchilla when you look at the genetics. Take a look at that little button nose… who can resist cute little Jett and all his fluff! He would have awesome wool for dying and spinning but his personality is what will sell him!!! He is discounted on our summer sale too!

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