Color: Black Magpie

Gender: Buck (male)

DOB: 05/02/2023

Ready: 07/20/2023


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Mom: Penguin, Black Magpie doe
Dad: TaterTot, Black Magpie buck

Lennon is a split face black magpie buck. These are our most expensive rabbits because of their unique markings and pattern. Everyone seems to love the magpies! Magpie pattern is the harlequin pattern but because of the chinchilla gene, the rufus color is wiped out and replaced with white. It takes the genes lined up just perfect for magpies to present themselves. Most of our magpies are sold to pet families because they are just so popular and not so easy to get. I won’t say they are rare like they used to be but a nice magpie is hard to find. Split faced magpies are the favorite and you are never guaranteed to get split face in any litter.  Because the harlequin pattern is not showable in ARBA, a lot of people breeding them do not concentrate on the body and wool. We do our best to produce a body that is standard for the breed and hope the patterns come out pretty! There is no way to know what patterns will be born from breeding magpies. It is like Christmas morning when you get to see their markings start coming in! Lennon is one of those packages that I would certainly be opening first!!! He has amazing wool for spinning and is just a win-win for anyone wanting a fiber, therapy pet! Grab him up fast while our sale is still going!

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