Color: Red

Gender: Doe (female)

DOB: 06/08/2023

Ready: Sold to Rayne, awaiting pick up

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Mom: Chile, Red doe
Dad: Copper, High Rufus Chocolate Agouti buck 

Lucy is a red doe. Pictures never do these bunnies justice.  They are just so pretty! This girl is more red than it appears in the photos but I don’t like to mess with the lighting on them. You may be able to see more vibrance in her video. She has amazing wool and is just a beautiful girl all around! She got her name from “I Love Lucy”, our red head!

Lucy is part of our Summer Special and you will see her price is marked down. Take advantage as we do not run specials but maybe once a year if that.

To view a video of Lucy,  please visit our youtube channel “God Given Country Liven


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