Color: Black

Gender: Doe (female)

DOB: 04/28/2023

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Mom: MoMo, Lilac Otter doe
Dad: Louie, Pointed White buck 

Poppy is a self black doe. Black is the darkest color you can get in English Angoras. The wool will continue to grow and stretch out the pigment which will give the appearance of a gray to blue color all over. Except the face will always remain black. Black angoras are so pretty because of the face staying so shiny and dark. A customer of ours recently sent a photo of black english angora wool spun into yarn. It is so pretty! I have posted it in the photos so you can see what it looks like! You just never know when a fiber artist in the making might take a peek at our bunnies 🙂

You can see Poppy’s latest pictures since we have harvested her wool and now it is growing back. She has lightened as I mentioned above but this is her true color and will remain this color. She has a weak ear now and you can see that in her latest photos as well.  She would do great in a pet/fiber home! Her price has been discounted due to the ear dropping. This is not a health issue and is cosmetic only.

Check out Poppy last months video, on our youtube channel God Given Country Liven

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