Color: Lilac

Gender: Doe (female)

DOB: 04/28/2023

Ready: Sold to Adria, awaiting pick up

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Mom: MoMo, Lilac Otter doe
Dad: Louie, Pointed White buck 

Sofia is a self lilac doe. Lilac is a gorgeous dove gray color. It shines and looks so silky and is as soft as you can imagine if you have never felt an english angora bunny. They are like a pillow! Sofia is a very pretty baby girl who reminds me of her aunt Holiday who is now retired. Someone is going to have to snatch her up before I change my mind on letting her go. She is absolutely gorgeous!

I have now harvested her fiber and she is in her summer trimmed new do. She is part of our summer sale also! Check her out on our youtube channel God Given Country Liven!

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