Color: Lilac Pointed White

Gender: Buck (male)

DOB: 03/14/2023

Ready: Available Now


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Mom: Pinkalicious, REW doe
Dad: Louie, pointed white buck

Thumper is a lilac based pointed white little boy. He has gorgeous lavender/pink eyes with lilac points. He is very sweet and is starting to have really nice fiber/wool.  He is available to go home now and has even had a trim since his wool was getting so long and summer time weather is warm enough as it is. This boy is a darling rabbit for anyone wanting a pet or some gorgeous white wool to harvest and dye! We have really marked him down because we just have so many bunnies right now and hoping this will help him find a good home quicker. He is a great bunny, no issues at all with temperament or anything else for that matter. Come pick him up anytime.

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