Color: Black Magpie

Gender: Doe (female)

DOB: 01/17/2023

Ready: Now

Deposit : $52.00

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Mom: Valkarie, Blue Magpie doe
Dad: Harvest, Black Magpie buck

Tootie is a black magpie doe. She is a sweet and very fluffy bunny now! She was kept back with another bunny because we couldn’t decide which girl to keep to replace mom since she is being put up for adoption and retiring. Our magpies are always gorgeous and the most popular color. It seems that their unique look really catches everyones eyes and they tend to choose this color pattern for a pet. Magpie is a harlequin pattern mixed with chinchilla and is not showable. However, if you are a fiber artist, it can make some gorgeous yarn! Some people love to just make these gorgeous babies their forever pets and they certainly do not disappoint!

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