Red Eyes in Rabbits

English Angoras (REW And Pointed) Do NOT Have Red Eyes

English Angoras (REW and Pointed) do NOT have red eyes.  Their pupils are pink and
the iris is a pinkish lavender color that is very pretty!

English Angoras (REW and Pointed) do NOT have red eyes. REW stands for Ruby Eyed White, however, their pupils are pink and the iris is a pinkish lavender color that is very pretty! Growing up, I always got creeped out by red eyed rabbits.  Take a look at some pictures of red eyes or “ruby eyes” in some rabbits below.  Some of the bunnies have a very distinctive red eye and some have a more lavender iris around the red pupil.  The English Angora with Ruby eyes have pink shaded or what some call, double pink eyes.

Random pictures were just taken off google images, we do not own them and they are not English Angora Rabbits.

You can either love the REW or hate it.  The Pointed color has ruby eyes as well. We didn’t like them when we first started but after we learned that they really weren’t bright red like an albino rat, we grew to love them!  

How could you not love the look of Pinkalicious and Sugar Baby (pictured below)!!!  They are gorgeous bunnies! 
Besides, white angoras make beautiful fiber for spinning and you can dye it any color!

FYI, the other color of white bunnies if you still do not like the ruby eye: BEW (blue eyed white) and also ermines.  Ermines
 are often solid white with any color eye (except ruby).  Sometimes ermines can have a blue-gray eye and will have some shading through their coat but very sparse coloring. It is basically a white chinchilla. We have owned a brown eyed white ermine (Paris who has passed) and now have a blue-gray eyed ermines (Geneva and Miracle).