Get on the Waiting List

& Planned Breeding Program

English Angora Waiting List

You may get your name added to the WAITING LIST by paying a non-refundable deposit of $52 and informing us of what you are interested in purchasing. 

The deposit to be put on the waiting list is *non-refundable, non-transferable, expires one year from date received, and goes towards the purchase price of a bunny. We will display your first name only on this page so you know where you are in line. This is a new waiting list so get on it now if you are interested in getting a bunny from a future litter!


Our Planned Breeding Program 

You have the option of choosing a breeding pair (within reason) that you want us to breed. You must submit a non-refundable $200 payment. And we will breed that breeding pair.

Here is a breakdown of how the $200 applies to your requested litter. $50 of this fee is a breeding fee in which does not apply to your balance. The remaining $150 will go towards the purchase price of any bunny from the successful litter you requested. If you choose to buy an additional bunny, you do not have to submit an additional $200 fee. Deposits will be as usual ($52) to hold each additional bunny. You get all notifictions before any info on this litter is ever posted so you get pick of the litter until it is old enough to post for sale. 

All moneys collected are non-refundable if you do not choose a bunny from the litter you requested.*

* If we do not supply what you request within the one year period, we will absolutely refund deposits or you do have the option to wait longer.