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Price List

Prices start at $180 and go up to $450 at this time. We periodically do run specials and discounts on our bunnies. We also offer 50% off coupons to children showing in 4H with proof of 4H membership.

$180 - $234

REW, Black, Blue, Chestnut, Opal, Lynx, Chocolate Agouti, Torts, Fawn

$235 - $260

Chocolate, Lilac, Light VM, Pointed White, Harlequinized Chinchilla, self chinchilla, Sable, Seal, Fox, some Broken patterns, High Rufus chocolate agouti

$261 - $297

Steel, Copper agouti, otter, nicely marked broken patterns, light marked Japanese harlequin, ermine, pearl, chinchilla

$298 - $334

Heavy VM, BEW, Japanese harlequin, tri, HR fawn

$335 - $374

Split face Japanese harlequin, colored blue eyes

$375 - $416

Magpie harlequin, Red

$417 - $450

Split face magpie harlequin, extreme VM

Terms & Meanings


Available means the bunny is open for purchase.

Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. Once you decide you want a bunny, please notify us and let us know you are ready to place a deposit on it. Deposits are accepted on bunnies under 8 weeks of age and are $52 per bunny.

Hold is when we have received word that you are going to send a deposit on a bunny and we agree to hold for a period of time while this transaction is taking place. Holds are typically no longer than 24 hours.

Sold means the bunny has been paid for in full.

Reserved means that we have received a paid deposit but rabbit has not been paid for in full.

Payment in full for every bunny is due when the bunny turns 8 weeks old. Buyers are responsible for keeping track of this date. However, we will send out several notifications to you as a reminder. After three attempts within one week and no response or payment, you will forfeit your deposit and the bunny will be marked available again.

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