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Country Bumpkin Bunnies is an ARBA registered RABBITRY, currently located in Dunlap, Illinois. Here we want to provide you with all the information you need to care for you bunny and to help you find the perfect “puppy dog bunny rabbit”.

The Perfect Family Pet

English Angora bunnies are playful, outgoing, and sociable, making them a great pet for the whole family! They can enjoy playing with other rabbits as well as humans. They run after toy balls and chew wooden blocks, but they also love their naps. From that point of view, you can say that English Angora bunnies are the ideal mix of a friendly dog – sleepy cat. And yet, they require less attention than cats and dogs.

Raw Angora Wool

English Angora rabbits produce silky-soft, ultra-light fibers used for many purposes. In addition to breeding these bunnies for shows,  companion and therapy pets, we also harvest and sell their fluffy soft wool.

angora wool for sale

Pedigree Breed

All Country Bumpkin Bunnies purchased come with a pedigree from the Global Pedigree Project. We also offer custom pedigrees and birth certificates too!

Cuddly Characteristics

English Angora rabbits are small in size, with silky wooly fur that is softer than cashmere!

Companion & Therapy

Our bunnies have a gentle temperament and cuddly presence that make them the perfect pet or therapy companion.

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