Country Bumpkin Bunnies Contract

Country Bumpkin Bunnies purchase policy must be read in its entirety before purchasing any bunny from us.

General Policies:

Buyers must be at least 18 years of age or parent/guardian is required to sign.

We guarantee your bunny arrives home safely plus an additional 7 days. This is voided if any boarding is involved immediately following their departure from our farm. We require that once you pick up your bunny from transport or when you arrive home from picking up your bunny directly from us that you follow our guidelines for transitioning. If transitioning rules are followed, we will then guarantee your bunny transitions safely over the next 7 days. After a week in a new home, a rabbit should be settled in and carry on with life as normal.

If the new owner keeps to the strict rules we require for transitioning said bunny AND we are informed and involved during this period AND the bunny passes away due to stress, we will replace your bunny free of charge with another bunny of the same value immediately or up to one year from date of death. The only way this would not be fulfilled is if the new owner refuses to choose a bunny. We have bunnies available at most times. We will work with the new owner on transportation if necessary but the new owner will be responsible for transport fees.

Payments and Deposits:

Deposits are for bunnies under 8 weeks old. If the bunny is over 8 weeks of age, payment in full is due immediately. No rabbit leaves our farm until it is paid for in full. Bunnies are ready to leave at 8 weeks of age. You must add a bunny to “Cart” from the sales page in order to get to payment options. “View Cart” to finalize payment.

All rabbits come with a full pedigree. Bunnies will have received at least one BunnyVac vaccination, been blown out a minimum of three times, a dose of prevention ear/fur mite protection, and freshly groomed by the time they leave our farm. We send home a sample bag of transition feed which the bunnies have been raised on.

We have many pages of information on our website available to read at your leisure. Posted below are useful links you may want to read over. However, there are some required pages that must be read before signing. We will help in any way that we can in order to make this purchase and transition go smoothly. We can only do our best so we ask that you do your best as well.

Deposits are non refundable and non transferable (you cannot switch deposit to a different bunny). If the bunny becomes ill or dies in our care, a full refund will be issued.

Required Reading before signing Contract:

Suggested Pages to read:


Rabbit Care/Housing/Health

Grooming an English Angora

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Please read the following pages found on our website and come back to check all listed and acknowledge your understanding of these policies and care pages.
Before purchasing a bunny, make sure you can secure a ride home for the baby. Choose a form of transport/delivery or plan a trip to pick up in person. Lack of transport does not warrant refunds so please be sure this is not an issue.

The bunny must be picked up by an agreed upon time. If the rabbit is not pick up by that time, one of the following will take place.

You forfeit your bunny with no refund Boarding fees will apply ($25/week) Case by case basis, we can discuss privately

By signing this contract, the buyer agrees that they have read all of the rules posted here and in the required reading pages. I agree to abide by all of the Country Bumpkin Bunnies rules in this Policy.