Classroom Pets

Classroom Pets used to be very popular years ago.  They do still exist though. We have placed several English Angora rabbits as classroom pets prior to the start of COVID. Most of the time, the teachers that purchased them were also interested in them for their fiber as well.  

One thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that some people have allergies and you don’t want to take a chance at a child being allergic to a bunny.  At the same time, we know people are allergic to some breeds of rabbits and have no reaction to angoras. Angoras do have different hair so that is probably why. That doesn’t mean everyone is safe around them though.  One of my grandkids is allergic to my Maine Coon cats but she shows English Angora rabbits and handles them with no reactions at all.

If you think this is something you would like to entertain. Do the research and see if it is allowed at your school. You will want to be sure that the school rules allow classroom pets and rabbits fall into the allowed pets. 

Kids love Angora bunnies. They are so fun to just look at but they enjoy being able to give them treats and help take care of them as well. Classroom pets give kids an opportunity to learn responsibility as well. 

Enjoy photos of some of our past classroom pet experiences. We hope to help add enjoyment to more schools with English Angoras as classroom pets in the future!