Color: Lilac Chinchilla

Gender: Buck (male)

DOB: 04/22/2023

Ready: Sold to Adria, awaiting pick up

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Mom: Squirrel – blue chinchilla doe
Dad: Louie – pointed white buck

Buggs is a lilac chinchilla buck.  He is the lightest variety color and the dilute of chocolate. Lilac chin is a dove gray color with white ticking throughout the body. He is very stunning with dilute eyes.

Buggs has grown quite a bit and now had his wool harvested and in a summer shave down. He is such a gorgeous boy! His price has been discounted a bit in hopes that he will find a great home quicker. You cannot go wrong with this stunning boy!

Check out Buggs’ video on our youtube channel God Given Country Liven!

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