Family Pets

If you like bunnies and love angoras, then this will be your family’s favorite pet bunny rabbit. They can be trained like a dog to use a litter pan, take treats from your hands and even give bunny kisses.  Not everyone wants a rabbit to have free run of the house but believe it or not, many people train their rabbits so well that they literally do live freely in their home.

You can keep an EA in the house, in the garage, in the barn, and even outside in a hutch with shade and a windbreak. Rabbits do smell so you will want to keep their litter box or tray cleaned daily. There are many things you can use to deodorize their waste areas. 

Rabbits make a great choice of pet for families that want more than a goldfish but not quite ready for a dog. They will require more attention and time than a fish tank full of fish. However, they do not require the demand of consistent attention and care that a dog or cat needs.

If you have time to maintain their ever-growing wool coats, you will enjoy the personality and companionship of an EA rabbit. They are the most unique and beautiful rabbits. At first glance, people have been known to say they look like a dog. They are very fluffy as they mature and have a beautiful appearance. There is a rabbit that went viral on a social media platform years ago named “Wally”. This drew much attention to the breed. The rabbit was clipped down in what we call a lion clip or puppy clip. The facial furnishings, ear tassels, tail and feet have fluffy wool remaining but the body is shaved down like a Persian cat in a lion clip. It is very eye catchy and also very comfortable for an Angora rabbit, especially if kept indoors.  Climate controlled environments are best for this breed but when kept inside, they do have coats on at all times so please keep this in mind for their comfort.

There are multi-millions of households that own family pet rabbits. In the US and UK there are surveys showing that the rabbit is the third most popular companion mammal. Pet food manufacturers have a lot to do with the estimates in these studies. Google how many people own pet bunnies and you might be surprised at what you find!

Family pets are a huge percentage of English Angora rabbit owners and just another reason to own one!