Color: Lilac Otter

Gender: Buck (male)

DOB: 04/28/2023

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Mom: MoMo, Lilac Otter doe
Dad: Louie, Pointed White buck

Dash is a lilac otter buck  He is out of our awesome Missouri “MoMo” and Louie! MoMo has gorgeous otters and this one is her little mini-me. If he had been a she, we would not be letting this one go. We are going to let MoMo retire soon and let one of her offspring take over in her place. This is an awesome line of otters to have if you are a breeder. Fiber is gorgeous, dense for otter and they have really decent type. Although otter is not a showable pattern in EA, we are hoping it will be in the near future! This one is a perfect addition for anyone! He has been trimmed down this summer and now his wool is growing back and he has some of the most awesome fiber I have had my hands on. His type (body confirmation) is spot on too! Great quality angora and his personality is great!

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